Capstone Communities' development division focuses on the development of four different product types – Lodges, Cottages, Lofts, & High/Mid-Rises. The development division oversees each deal from start to finish including acquisition, pre-development due diligence, financing and construction through project delivery and disposition. The development division has been responsible for developing 30 communities over the last eleven years. Currently under development and schedule to open in August 2018 is phase II of a cottage community in Fort Collins, CO and phase 1 of The Arrow in Bozeman, MT. Additionally, there is one community under development in Austin, TX that is scheduled to deliver in August 2019.

Communities Developed

Beds Developed

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Sample of Communities Developed by Capstone Communities’ Development Division
  • Creekside of Auburn (Auburn, AL)
  • The Retreat of Clemson (Clemson, SC)
  • Cottage Grove at Gainesville (Gainesville, FL)
  • The Cottages of Hattiesburg (Hattiesburg, MS)
  • The Cottages of Columbia (Columbia, MO)
  • The Cottages of Lubbock (Lubbock, TX)
  • The Cottages of Norman (Norman, OK)
  • The Cottages of Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge, LA)
  • The Cottages of Lakeshore (Birmingham, AL)
  • The Lodges of East Lansing (East Lansing, MI)
  • The Lofts of Kennesaw (Kennesaw, GA)
  • The Cottages of College Station (College Station, TX)
  • The Cottages of Durham (Durham, NH)
  • The Lodges of East Lansing, Phase 1 & 2 (E. Lansing, MI)
  • The Cottages of Boone (Boone, NC)
  • 13th and Olive, Phase 1 & 2 (Eugene, OR)
  • The Lofts at City Center, Phase 1 & 2 (Tuscaloosa, AL)
  • The Cottages of New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM)
  • Capstone Cottages of San Marcos (San Marcos, TX)
  • The Lodges of Colorado Springs (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • Hannah Lofts & Townhomes (East Lansing, MI)
  • Northpoint Crossing, Phase 1 (College Station, TX)
  • Northpoint Crossing, Phase 2 (College Station, TX)
  • The Cottages of Tempe (Tempe, AZ)
  • Junction Cottages & Townhomes (College Station, TX)
  • Arlington Cottages & Townhomes (Baton Rouge, LA)
  • Capstone Cottages of Lubbock (Lubbock, TX)
  • The Cottages of Fort Collins (Fort Collins, CO) (Phase 1)
  • Fremont Station (Flagstaff, AZ)
  • The Hope Cottages (Birmingham, AL)
For more information on Capstone Communities' development division, please contact John Vawter at (205) 414-6424 or